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Vaman Karma

When there is congestion in the lungs causing repeated attacks of bronchitis, colds, cough or asthma, the Ayurvedic treatment is therapeutic emesis (vomiting), vaman, to eliminate the kapha causing the excess mucus. First, after the Snehan and swedan, three to four glasses of licorice or salt water is administered, then vomiting is stimulated by rubbing the uvula (a small muscular projection in pharynx) which triggers the vomiting center through the gag reflex. One may alternatively take two to three glasses of salt water which will also aggravate kapha and then rub the uvula to induce vomiting. Once the mucus is released the patient will feel instantly relieved. It is likely that congestion, wheezing and breathlessness will disappear and that the sinuses will become clear. Therapeutic vomiting is also indicated in chronic asthma, diabetes, chronic cold, lymphatic congestion, chronic indigestion and edema (swelling).

Diet Given Before Vaman & Contra-Indications For Vaman

The diet is divided in to three parts- 1) the diet given at the sneha intake time, 2) at the end of snehana and 3) at the day of vaman. Light warm food at the first day of snehana is given. Vaman is given after 7 day of snehana, on that day meat soup or curds, blackgram, and other heavy diet is given for utkleshana of kapha. On the day of vaman gram soup is given with cow’s ghee or only cow’s milk.

vaman is contra-indicated below the age of 12 or over age 65, during menstruation, pre-menstrual period (one week prior), pregnancy, delicate or sensitive person with too much fear, grief or anxiety, hypoglycemia, vata prakriti, vata diseases, heart diseases, during vata season, acute fever.

Herbs Used For Emesis

Madan-emetic nut, madhuka-yastimadhu-licorice, neem-bitter leaf, Bimbi,kutaj-kurchi- conessi bark, murva-clematis, triloba-devdaru-deodar,Cedrus deodara, Salt, NaCl, ela-cardamom, nux vomica.

Indications For Vaman & Method Of Vaman

Procedure is done for all kapha type disorders and is good for pittaja headache, dizziness, and nausea. It will help to release blocked emotions respiratory congestion bronchitis chronic cold sinus congestion kaphaja asthma. prior to vaman snehana (oil massage) and swedana (steam) is given.

Pradhan Karma & Sansargana Karma

After this blood pressure, pulse and temperature is monitored and patient sits on a comfortable chair, emetic medicine is given then milk or sugarcane juice is given until the patient starts vomiting. Generally 8 vega (bouts) of vaman is considered good. Dhumrapana (medicated cigarette) is given to smoke. After vamana generally light food soup, rice water follwed by khichdi (rice cooked with washed moong dal) is given for 3 days and then the patient is brought on a normal diet.

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