I was recommended by a Friend for Ayurvedic Treatment for Anxiety & Depression due to Diabetes. I Enjoyed the Treatment. The Courtesy Extended by Dr. Bansal and feel quite satisfied. I would strongly recommended everyone in similar condition to go for it.

Dev R. Khanna (USA)

I was suffering from arthritis and my daughter Geeta from obesity and lower backache. In winter of 2009. we were planning go to kerala for detox but luckily we got panchkarma treatment in panchkula. Dr Vinay and Dr.(Mrs) Meenu Bansal work as a team to ensure.
This is truly very economical way of going to root cause of ailments campared to allopathy which treats Symptoms Only.
I wish then all success in their Expansion & greater clientele to serve the masses For Happy and healthy living.

Shashi K .Singh
Chicago (USA)
This is a brief description of my Experience here at yuketi centre. I would Like to Thank Both Dr. Vinay Bansal & Dr. (Mrs.) Meenu Bansal. The Centre is Great and the best.
I was facing Lower back nerve pain since the year of 2000. I didn’t Know in the Beginning, but as time passed . One day I realized that the pain in my right leg is not going away though I applied lots of Deep heat creams, massage but when I made my plan to come to India. I Knew Dr. Vinay Bansal So I told my condition to him & he immediately.
started my treatment from the next day i.e. 18 Nov to 3rd Dec. All I would like to say is thanks for the Panchkarma treatment that was suggested by him. I am fully fitt & got rid off my dreadful pain.

Vinod Sharma
Kinds Of Ache And Pain I will Always recommended their treatment to all my friends and family who suffer with any kinds of ache and pain. This treatment was like a Miracle. I was relieved of my ache overnight. I had allopathic treatment eariler which Brought me no relief. This treatment was an experience of a kind.
Thank you Doctor

Glende Nunes
Back pain This is just a brief description of my experience here at Panchkula Ayurvadic & Panchkarma Center. First of all I would like to say that Dr. Vinay Bansal & Dr. Meenu Bansal are two great Human beings. Dr. Vinay is genius and he knows what he is doing.
I was suffering from back pain for the last 3 years as I have a disc bulge . I went to see numerous doctors in Sydney as well as in Chandigarh. I was given panchkarma treatment with some ayurvadic medication and to my utmost happiness i got well with in sixteen days. But precautionary i took 8 more sittings in next one month. i am fit and fine and back to my job. Thanks Dr. Bansal.

Mr. Kapil Singla
15, Weston Street Rosehill,NSW,Australia

Slip Disk I was suffering from slip disk. Before visiting Dr. Bansal I went through Allopathy but could not get any relief. I was confined to bed and was forced to take leave from the office even. I would say this treatment as ‘Excellent’. Dr. Bansal is a very nice person & he took personal care about my health.
The kerala threpists working here are very good & well trained by Dr.Bansal. My sincere Thanks & Best regards to Dr. Venay Bansal & Meenu Bansal.

Mr. Gaurav Jhala
No. 501,GH-51, Sector 20 Panchkula

Disease of Skin I wasn't Well having a disease of Skin which started turning White due to sun Exposure, People commenting if having psoriasis.
I am thankful to Dr. Bansal for my treatment as again I feel better as beautiful .

Ms. Sobia Ahmad
I was suffering from rheumatoid arthrits and all my blood test were strongly positive even consulting the best doctors was'nt any help for me and took two months leave from my office thats PGI. Then i contacted Dr. Bansal at their punchkula center I was given ayurvadic medicine with puchkarma treatment. My joy didn’t no bounds as i joined my office on the seventeenth day and the happiness rolled down my cheeks when I got checked my blood test which became perfectly normal after three months of medication. I am perfectly normal serving the office and family too. Thanks Dr. Bansals.

Manorma Bhatt
I was suffering from depression with psoriasis. I took treatment from Dr. Bansal for 27 days as I was in india. I am feeling much better 90% alright. Thanks Dr. Bansal for the wonderfull treatment. I myself a chiropracter recommend this treatment to all.

Andrei-Bichel (Switzerland )
I am sixty three year old and was suffering from osteooartis and was advised for (TKR) Total Knee Replacement. I took treatment from Dr. Mrs Meenu Bansal and got so much relief that my surgery have been avoided. Thank god I met the right Doctors.

Mrs. Sapna
I am sixty three year old and was suffering from osteooartis and was advised for (TKR) Total Knee Replacement. I took treatment from Dr. Mrs Meenu Bansal and got so much relief that my surgery have been avoided. Thank god I met the right Doctors.

Harman Preet Kaur Virk (Mohali)
I was suffering from lower backache with sciatica thus crippling my life and leading to depression. I was advised to go to Kerala for the treatment. Luckily Dr. Bansal the specialist in Kerala panchkarma treatment opened his new center in Mohali in the name of Yuktei The Way To Health. I took panchkarma for 16 days as per his advise and can say with confidence that i am more then 100% fit now but stiil precautionary. I take rejuvenation message once a week. Thanks Dr. Bansal for his advice, I wish him all success and long life.

Usha Chandal Chandigarh
I had been suffering from acute headache and was dignosed to be attack of migraine. But got relief from nowhere. I am also suffering from thyroid. I took treatment form Dr. Bansal and totally got the rid off my diseases. Now my thyroid lebel is also normal without any allopathetic medication . Stroglly recommend to everone.

Vival Singh (ISRO) Cnanged Name
My wife Babita was suffering from depression. Then we took the treatment from Dr. Bansals at their ayuerveda and panchkarma center. There my wife lost six kg weight and became as normal completely.

I lost 11kg weight in 32 days and it is stable even after one year . I lost around six inches from my waist. Thanks Dr. Meenu Bansal.

Mrs. Reenu Verma (Dubai)
My Son Vaibhav was suffering from asthma. Dr. Bansal gave him panchkarma treatment of Vaman Karma. He is totally fine now and never needed his inhaler pump in last two years. Thanks Dr. Bansal.
After seeing my son's success now after two years i had taken treatment for obesity due to thyroidisim . I have lost 13kg weight in 32 days and my TSH lebel is under control.

Amanpreet Kaur Nat (Punjabi Poet and Lyricist)
I have lost 12kg weight & regained my body shape in 32 days thanks Dr.Bansal

Neeleam (Chandigarh)
I was suffering from R.A. and gout due to increased lebel of uric-acid in my blood. All my joints were swollen and I couldn’t even perform the routione household chores. My R.A. Factor crossed 100. I took pachkarma treatment for sixteen days continuously followed by twice and then once a week. I am now perfectly all right and my R.A. factor has gone nagative in the blood test thanks Dr.Bansal.

Ramniwas (Manimazra-Chandigarh)
My wife Anita was bed ridden for last 11 months due to rheumatoid arthritis. On the advise of my boss I took my wife for kerala ayurvadic panchkarma treatment to Dr. Bansal center in Punchkula. With in 10 days my wife could stand and by the end of sixteen days she was able to walk herself.

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