Our Learn Ayurveda

Learn Ayurveda

We are promoting following courses on Ayurveda, for following segments:

For Doctors.

For Ayurveda students undergoing Ayurvedacharya (BAMS).

Courses for the aspiring Panchkarma threpist.

Health Awareness Programmes For General Public.

For Doctors

Panchkarma Procedures

Communication skills (How to interact with the patients)

Naadi Pariksha

Prakriti Aklan

Learn yoga and pranayaam

Courses For The Aspiring Panchkarma Therapists

Basic Introduction to Ayurveda

Patient Care

Ayurveda massage Techniques

Panchkarma Procedures

Communication skills (How to interact with the patients)

Learn yoga and pranayaam

For Ayurveda Students Undergoing

basic principles of ayurveda

how to study ashtang sangreh and ashtang hridaya

diagnosis in ayurveda by understanding physical & mental constitution (prakriti )shareer & manas prakriti

how to utilize granthas in future practice

charak samhita

sushrut samhita

sharangdhar samhita

how to manufacture medicines at clinic level

Panchkarma procedures in daily practice

Health Awareness Programmes For General Public

Selection of food in various diseases

Healthy food cooking

Pregnancy Care

Infants, Child care to avoid abuse of toxic medications

charak samhita

Stress management (Physical & Mental)

Obesity management and figure correction

How to remain young

Skin and beauty care

Personalized yoga

Yoga Classes

We offer yoga classes to our students where there get most advanced infrastructure for learning.

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Panchakarma and Ayurveda Centres, are the eminent centres in tricity (Chandigarh - Panchkula - Mohali) providing all the facilities, ayurveda, panchkarma, kerala massages, kaya kalpa, weight loss and beauty and spa services in trusted, traditional, ethical unique, most personalized but modernized and innovative way.

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Yuktei ...the way to health
SCF-110, Phase-10 (Sector 64),
Near 10-11 Traffic Signal,
Mohali(Pb.) India
Panchkula Ayurvadic & Panchkarma Center
#480 ,Sector 10,Panchkula (Haryana) India

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P : +(91) 0172-4626777 / 8146313777 Punchkula
P : +(91) 0172-4601777 / 9915548777

Our Doctors

P : +(91) - 7814018777 / 8146313777 DR. MEENU BANSAL
P : +(91) - 9915558777 / 9915548777

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